The old palace of Coudenberg

The old palace of Coudenberg

Pierre Anagnostopoulos and Jean Houssiau
Series « Brussels, City of Art and History », nr. 42
Brussels, 2006

“Since mediaeval times, Coudenberg hill has been home to the reigning princes and the central administration of the Low Countries. The palace developed for over 800 years around the mediaeval main building with the construction of a majestic reception hall, the Aula Magna, the Place des Bailles and the Ducal chapel. A focus of intense political and cultural life, the history of the old palace of Brussels is intimately bound up with that of Europe as a whole.

In 1731 a fire destroyed this royal residence, which was among the finest in Europe. The archaeological digs have brought to light many remains that tell us about life at court from the Burgundian period to the present day. The archaeological site is now a museum… under the Place Royale.”

Emir Kir, Cabinet of State Secretary for Monuments and Sites.

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  • Size: 15 x 21 cm
  • D/2006/6860/017
  • Available languages : English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish

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