An underground tour discovering the remains of the palace of Charles V

From the middle ages, a castle overlooked Brussels from Coudenberg hill. From the 12th century, the successive monarchs and their representatives transformed a small fortified castle into a sumptuous residential palace, one of the most beautiful palace of Europe and one of Charles V’s main residences.

This prestigious building is severely damaged by fire in 1731. Some forty years later, the ruins of the palace are pulled down and the ground flattened out for the construction of the new royal district. The remains of this palace make up the Coudenberg archaeological site.

During your visit, you will discover the Rue Isabelle and the old structures of the main buildings of the former palace of Brussels, which are now the foundations for today’s royal district and the Hoogstraeten House where the most interesting discoveries made during the various archaeological excavations conducted on the Coudenberg are displayed.

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19/05/2016 > 28/08/2016  

Exhibition: A Renaissance Banquet During the Renaissance, the art of dining took a new turn and spectacular preparations are reflected in sumptuous feasts to rival the surroundings and impress the guests.
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#100Masters: Underground Treasure Hunt

01/07/2016 > 31/08/2016  

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